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Welcome to Pokémon-Forever! This group was founded on January 27 2011, and has been growing on since.
Thank you so much for helping this group grow!

We now have a Trading Center!

Example of information:

Looking For: Magikarp
Possible Up For Trade: Arceus
Game: Pokemon Y
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 27, 2010


11,661 Members
9,711 Watchers
184,331 Pageviews
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Trainers and Pokemon.

Trainers or Pokemon passing through here.
Maybe talk to some for a battle!
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"“We do have a lot in common, the same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same instead of always looking at what’s different… Well, who knows?."



Hello everyone! How was your summer? Well, summer is ending, fall is coming, and a new pokemon contest is unfolding! With the many new Mega Evolutions that have been coming out, I figured the obvious thing I should do is to create a contest centering around this. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I haven't had the time to.

:bulletred: Draw a new Mega Evolution of any Pokemon of your choosing.
:bulletred: Even with the Mega Evolutions coming out, it's okay to choose the same pokemon. (Ex: You can draw a different Mega form of Altaria even though it's been announced and the design has been shown)
:bulletblack: Bonus points if you also give your Mega Evolution a new ability and/or move. (list in the description if need be)
:bulletblack: Be sure to say what type your Mega Evolution is! As in mentioning that it is Mega Raichu
:bulletwhite: Background or no background is okay with me
:bulletwhite: Bonus points for creativity!

:bulletred: Nothing with too much gore or sexual activity (please, we want to keep this friendly)
:bulletred: Must be completely your own work (Don't use bases and don't steal art)
:bulletred: No "fakemon"'s Mega Evolution
:bulletred: Cannot be previous artwork
:bulletblack: No sprites
:bulletblack: You must be a member
:bulletwhite: Be sure to comment on this blog entry or send a note to us on your partaking in the contest
:bulletwhite: Have it in by the deadline
:bulletwhite: Submit it to the Mega Contest folder
:bulletwhite: Limited to only one entry per contestant

Please include in your description that the entry is for Pokemon-Forever!

What I really like about the new Mega Evolutions is not only the new designs, but the little things that are added on. Mega Evolutions are so the pokemon can become stronger. The little kinks are gone and it is just much more powerful. Giving your new Mega Evolution another type so its weaknesses are shortened would be a smart idea.

In example, making the wings sharper and more aerodynamic on a pokemon would increase its speed and evasion. That makes sense. Adding armour on another pokemon would increase its defense and special defense. That also makes sense. Adding random stripes or another tail onto it would increase its attack and speed. That does not make as much sense.

Also, giving it a new ability (even one that has not even been created yet) would be a cool and wonderful idea. I love creativity, so be sure to explain your new Mega Evolution's build!


The current deadline will be September 29th. If it really needs to be extended, I will extend it, but please try to not.
Contest ending in a week or less!

What is a contest without any prizes?

First Place
:bulletyellow: 200:points:
:bulletyellow: A marvelous digital picture of your choosing drawn by zehmiri
:bulletyellow: A grand chibi drawn by ChibiChubbz

Second Place
:bulletwhite: 100:points:
:bulletwhite: A beautiful digital picture of what you would like drawn by zehmiri
:bulletwhite: An amazing chibi drawn by ChibiChubbz

Third Place
:bulletorange: 50:points:
:bulletorange: A wonderful digital picture of whatever drawn by zehmiri
:bulletorange: A splendid chibi drawn by ChibiChubbz

All of the contestants' work will be judged based on creativity and originality. All of the judging will be done right when the contest ends.

Q: If I've already drawn this, can I submit it?
A: No, this may seem unfair, but please try to create a different one. Sorry!

Q: Is it digital only?
A: Nope! Anything goes!

Q: Why must i comment or note that I am partaking in the contest?
A: Well, this is more so I can keep track of the amount of people participating and give out notices when the deadline is coming up. Also, if not enough people finish, this way, I can check if the deadline would be needed to be extended since I know that the summer is ending and everyone is going to school or working at his or her job!

Q: Can I sign up as a participant later?
A: Sure, whenever you want.

Q: It's not submitting into the folder?
A: Please excuse the inconvenience, but I've set it up so I have to look at the entry first and then accept it just in case someone puts a picture in the wrong folder or any other accidents. But please ensure that I will see all of them in a matter of time.

Q: I'm sorry, but something came up and now I don't believe I can continue on with the contest!
A: That's quite alright! Stuff happens and if you can't do it, then you can't. Please just note me DAaddictgirl that you are unable to continue so I can take your name off the list.

Q: Can I draw more than one pokemon?
A: You are limited to only one Mega Evolution pokemon (since I don't really want anyone to have any kind of advantages) but if you want to draw other pokemon in the picture, then go ahead!

Q: Can I use the same design I gave to a previous picture I drew?
A: Please create a new one or pick a different pokemon. I'm sorry, but that's just the rules!

Q: Someone already drew the pokemon I was going to draw, should I change mine?
A: If you have something you already wanted to draw, go for it! Don't let anyone else change your mind! Just remember that the majority of the judging will be based on creativity.

Q: I see someone else has a way better entry and I'm never going to win.
A: Have some faith! You may surprise yourself! Just enter anyways, the worst that could happen is that you don't win any place.

Q: I'm confused.
A: Please ask your question down in the comments or note me so I can help you further understand what is going on!

I would like to give a big thank you to all of you for participating in this contest! If you do not see your name on this list, please give it at least 24 hours and then note me DAaddictgirl that I may have missed you. I am still human and I do sleep, so just give it a bit of time. Thank you!

:bulletblack:Mewnna-Caythin - Mega Greninja
DoksWorld - Mega Feraligatr
:bulletblack:Nintendo-Lover-Kat - Mega Raikou
No-Ones-Socks - Mega Omastar
RachyChan - Mega Milotic
:bulletblack:BlueFerra - Mega Umbreon
Wishsayer - Mega Arcanine
:bulletblack:Simbaben - Mega Wobbuffet
:bulletblue:Gabry-chan - Mega Liepard
:bulletblack:1999vh - Mega Mismagius
:bulletblack:Jiolyemaster - Mega Lilligant
:bulletblue:KudretKundaci - Mega Shedinja
:bulletblue:Iguruwashi - Mega Sharpedo
AyaRoulane - Mega Lilligant
:bulletblack:koou - Mega Butterfree
:bulletblue:OneWingArt - Mega Flygon
xFoxblaze - Mega Delibird
:bulletblack:Smiley-Fakemon - Mega Flygon
:bulletblack:Bobertbra - Mega Dewgong
:bulletblack:KitsuneHebi - Mega Ninetails
:bulletblack:extrasupervery - Mega Mega Camerupt
:bulletblue:RaiZhuW-The-Real - Mega Noctowl
:bulletblack:Megumita0w0 - Mega Sunflora
:bulletblack:Call-Of-The-Indie - Mega Jynx
:bulletblue:Nikala1996 - Mega Mightyena
JBpaw - Mega Zangoose
:bulletblue:Pumpchikin77646 - Mega Absol
:bulletblue:WeisseEdelweiss - Mega Umbreon
:bulletblack:PoffinPuff - Mega Mothim
:bulletblue:Riberry - Mega Altaria
:bulletblue:Fawful92 - Mega Wobuffet
:bulletblack:delgalessio - Mega Hitmonlee
:bulletblue:sleet777 - Mega Ho-Oh
:bulletblue:TRXPICS - Mega Feraligatr
:bulletblue:HappySquarrel - Mega Marowak
:bulletblue:Dean624 - Mega Porygon-Z
:bulletblack:StaticShockPikachu - Mega Drifblim
:bulletblue:Deco-kun - Mega Deoxys
:bulletblack:Monochrome46 - Mega Machamp
:bulletblue:ToxicWyvern - Mega Grumpig
:bulletblack:ShinyGazterra - Mega Mightyena
:bulletblue:The1jopro - Mega Pikachu
:bulletblack:SuperSilverNRG - Mega Sableye
:bulletblue:Lady-Ragamuffin - Mega Samurott
:bulletblue:Hyshirey - Mega Primal Palkia
:bulletblue:Deltios - Mega Flygon
:bulletblack:Lizuka-Hayashi - Mega Mienshao
:bulletblack:Zoltan86 - Mega Altaria
:bulletblue:Chenspurr - Mega Druddigon
:bulletblue:vellumed - Mega Chandelure
:bulletblack:Noxtu - Mega Whimsicott
:bulletblue:Shinkou-san - Mega Zangoose

Thank you to everyone that has supported this group so far! Without you guys, this would not even be possible. If you would like to help support this group even more, please donate to our donation box to further support future contests. Again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and have a wonderful day!

:iconpikachulovestamp2::iconjigglypufflovestamp1::iconjigglypufflovestamp2::iconlovepiplupstamp1::iconlovepiplupstamp2::iconmewlovestamp1::iconmewlovestamp2::iconpkhappystamp1::iconpkhappystamp2::iconsiriusblack29::iconmaydb::iconmudkiplovestamp1::iconmudkiplovestamp2::iconmyselfstampplz::iconmyselfstampplz2::iconlatiasyaystamp1plz::iconlatiasyaystamp2plz::iconpokeplz1::iconpokeplz2::iconsubscripti::icononstamp:Pokemon: Keldeo by SD-DreamCrystal. : : POKEMON-FOREVER STAMP : : . by 01pinkmewGroudon by MarlenesstampsPalkia by MarlenesstampsReshiram by MarlenesstampsCharmander Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOpposite genders. by Monster-BoarShiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts

Send us some pokemon stamps!

If you have any questions,comments, or concerns, please leave it in the comment section below!
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